Love at first sight

When I first saw you, I wasn’t sure. I felt something but it definetly wasn’t love at first sight, or was it? It felt like a day to day meetup and also something more. Like every fairytale it happened while dancing and of course I was nervous, as nervous as I always am, but there definetly was something, something extraordinary. Maybe a little admiration, maybe I was just glad to be rescued, rescued from my date who ditched me. Only after getting home, that’s when I really realized how amazing you were. Lying in my bed, surrounded by the smell of your perfume, I was thinking about you. You, the girl I fell for.

Haunting questions

Are those feelings I am catching or is is it all in my mind? What am I feeling towards you? My mind is filled with these questions. Only questions and no answer. „Answers“. Answers would be good and „answers“ I receive. Relatives, friends, family, everybody got them, but they only make me question everything more and more. How can you muster up the courage to confess and not ruin everything, how can you blindly entrust your feelings into the hands of people and not be afraid to be voulnerable. And agin, only questions. Questions are what remains, like the sun, eternal…